Ntek joins hands with UV printers to participate in the 31st Beijing World Expo

On April 30, 2021 - May 3, the 31st China (Beijing) international architectural decoration and materials fair in Beijing China international exhibition center (shunyi new) held successfully, as a 12 year old factory production experience, won the color digital technology co., LTD. Jinan are invited, the admission will be the event with the UV printer.  

This exhibition, not only cooperation for many years of old customer friends to participate in, but also a lot of new customer friends show a variety of UV printer machines of our manufacturers of strong interest.  During the exhibition, we jinan win color technology not only arranged the effect picture display area at the scene, but also arranged the product effect drawing printing at the request of the majority of customers and friends, which attracted countless interested friends to stop and ask, and more intuitively understand the strength and products of our company.  More win color technology professional technical staff on-site for customers and friends to answer questions, won a very good reputation.  We not only rely on high-quality UV printer products, affordable prices, strong manufacturers to attract customers, more importantly, rely on our professional technical support and perfect after-sales system to win the praise and cooperation of customers and friends.  


If you are also interested in our UV printer, welcome to take the initiative to consult or visit the factory, we use quality service and reliable products and win-win cooperation with you.